The facility is located on the coast near the old town. The design concept is characterized by the idea of forming a common base with public functions (congress center facing the interior of the block, while sales, restaurants, cafeterias, swimming pools, wellness and similar facilities are supported by sea views), from which a tower with accommodation units rises.
The main design motif is a volume with white bay windows and balconies that have a pronounced horizontality on the main facade towards the pedestrian promenade, with moving planes along both the horizontal and vertical axes, as a motif that breaks the monotony of the monoblock and associates the proximity of the sea with stylized wave movement.
The annex of the congress center was solved in the same visual language, only in a somewhat more introverted interpretation of the basic motives.

Project: Concept Design, Preliminary Design. 2020

Working area:

36.154 m²

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Copyright © 2021 Businessart I Proaspekt